Empowering Administration Professionals in New Zealand

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Welcome to the Association of Administrative Professionals New Zealand – Te Kawarangi (AdmiNZ)

AdminNZ is the hub for administration professionals in New Zealand.

As a dedicated not-for-profit association, we champion the growth and recognition of administrative professionals across the country.

Our Mission and Values

AdmiNZ is committed to empowering administration professionals in New Zealand with transformative career opportunities and cutting-edge resources. We specialise in offering comprehensive professional development programs, recognised certification paths, and exclusive access to industry events.
At AdmiNZ, our values spell out ADMiNZ:

Embracing flexibility in an ever-changing professional landscape.


Celebrating and integrating diverse perspectives within our community.


Inspiring excellence and continuous personal growth.


Pioneering new methods and approaches in administrative work.


Cultivating personal and environmental well-being.


Energising our network through fun and success-driven activities.

Why Join AdmiNZ?

Joining AdmiNZ means more than just membership; it’s a step into a world of professional empowerment and community. As a member of AdmiNZ, you’re not just joining a network; you’re stepping into the driver’s seat of your career. Our membership is tailored to support administrative professionals at all levels, from personal assistants to executive secretaries, providing tools and opportunities to enhance your skills and elevate your professional journey.

Membership Benefits


Gain access to exclusive professional development opportunities and resources.


Connect with a vibrant community of peers and industry leaders.


Achieve certificated membership and participate in our annual awards.


Participate in our Webinars, Conferences, and Masterclasses.

Discover the Benefits of Membership and be part of a movement shaping the future of administrative professionalism in New Zealand.

Our History

Founded in November 1972 by visionary Doreen Smart, AdmiNZ has evolved from a group of pioneering secretaries into a national beacon for administrative excellence. Our journey reflects our adaptability and commitment to elevating the profession’s status.

Doreen Smart

Founder and Inaugural National President (1972-1974)